Gree Free Match

Multi Split System

As the name suggests, you are free to mix and match a number of units and unit types, depending on the space or budget. Gree Free Match offer outstanding performance and reliable, affordable comfort in every room of your home, according to your needs. A multi-zone system is recommended for homes with a large living area in which separate comfort zones are required, as it offers greater flexibility, temperature control and a more precise comfort through a combination of up to four indoor units.

Key Features

Six Year Warranty

With an industry leading “Six Year, Parts and Labour Warranty”. And there are no strings attached, if your installer is industry qualified that’s ok by Gree.

WiFi Control (Optional)

Wi-Fi available on all models of the Hyper range in both Apple and Android. After installing the “Gree Smart” APP on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant is a better environmental option when compared to R410a as R32 refrigerant has a 68% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). R32 also has superior energy efficiency, a higher refrigeration capacity and thermal conductivity so the refrigerant charge is also 30% less than R410a.

Gree Free Match Combinations

The Gree Free Match allows you to connect up to 4 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The indoor units can be different types and or capacities which means you can customize your heating and cooling needs specifically for your home or office. This allows you complete temperature control over your entire home or office environment, which gives increased comfort and greater efficiency.

Gree Hi-wall Indoor Units

The Gree Hyper range of hi-wall indoor units brings a sleek contemporary look to your home. The Hyper indoor units feature Gree’s latest technology, reliability and performance.

Gree Mini Floor Console

The Gree floor console unit offers an alternate to the hi-wall style indoor units. The console can supply hot air from two discharge grilles providing the ultimate in heating comfort.

Gree Slim Ducts

The Gree slim duct range of indoor units offers the ultimate in flexibility and discretion. Hidden from view in ceiling spaces these units are designed to supply conditioned air via a ceiling or wall diffuser.

Gree Compact Cassette

The Gree cassette range of indoor units offers a compact design for easy installation. A strong and balanced airflow, with advanced protection functions and an intelligent drainage device.

Gree Free Match Outdoor Units

Four different models to choose from. Connectable from 2 to 4 units. Wide Temperature operation range. Wide voltage operation range. Auto restart. Gree G10 180° Sine Wave Inverter. Blue Fin / Gold Fin / Black Fin.